Anonymous said: I know you probably get this question a lot but who is your favourite Tigers player (past or present) and why-? I personally prefer Ben Youngs, Tom Croft and Blaine Scully 😊 thanks

oo this is so difficult!
Toby Flood kinda got me proper into rugby, I watched him on the 6 Nations then started going to tigers games regularly
Martin Johnson was insane
Tom Croft and Ben Youngs are incredible
Manu Tuilagi is brilliant too
BUT for me, Geordan Murphy has to be the best; I’ve just read his autobiography and his loyalty to Tigers and his rugby brain is unbelievable, and he was such a fantastic player with unbelievable skills

so yeah, Geordan Murphy I think :)

just-a-random-url said: I like the Cipriani is in there, in my opinion Farrell is just too immature -.- There's a couple names there i haven't seen anything of but i missed the new zealand games :/ Mike Brown is a god though...

well Allen hasn’t played for england for ages, but I just wish they’d give him a chance! players at tigers are constantly saying ‘credit to anthony allen for spotting that’ or ‘nah it was anthony not me’, he is consistently good at 12 and works well with Tuilagi! but yeah Farrell, I dunno he is good, but a bit too predictable? and he has a shocking temper, I know he’s young and all, but I think cipriani is more creative too. Benjamin should be given a chance too, when he isn’t injured, he is superb on the wing!

Leicester Tigers fixtures for next season!

just-a-random-url said: Who would your ideal starting England XV be?

if everyone was fit

1. Corbisiero
2. Youngs
3. Cole
4. Launchbury
5. Parling
6. Croft
7. Robshaw
8. Morgan
9. Youngs
10. Cipriani
11. Benjamin
12. Allen
13. Tuilagi
14. Wade
15. Brown

England sing at rural Maori marae in Hamilton

please tell me that everybody has seen this!


this shows how hard Joe Launchbury worked last week, he was exhausted by the end of it

he’s gone :(

he’s gone :(

apologies for not being here for ages, went on my first girly holiday to Zante! absolutely loved it, was one of the best weeks of my life

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